Monday, January 23, 2017

An amazing film haul!

On Sunday 22 January, 2017, all my film Christmases and Birthdays came at once.

Let me explain....

With the fun I've been having with the Pentax SV - a camera that was given to me over the Christmas period, it got me thinking about all the other film cameras out there in people's wardrobes, not being used. It's a crying shame, but it's also the way of the digital world. Most people don't even know you can get film anymore. Let alone that anyone might still want to use one. Well, I want to use them. So what's a guy to do?

Ironically, the answer is to use the digital technology to my advantage. So early in the new year, I placed an advert in a local Buy,Sell & Exchange Group on Facebook asking if anyone had any old film cameras they were just going to throw out. Basically, I was asking if I could have people's film cameras for free 😉

Somebody replied almost instantly (good sign), but hasn't really followed up with me (bad sign). However, a few days later, a lady messaged me and said she had a medium format Bronica. Yes, that's right - a MEDIUM FORMAT BRONICA! I had to do a double take as well - but it was right there in black and white! I tried to nonchalantly reply that 'Yes', I might be interested, so she sent me her phone number and suggested I call her. Which I did. Almost immediately....

On the phone she told me that her husband did indeed have a Bronica, and that he had another film camera I might be interested in as well - a Nikon F4....

I'm surprised I didn't faint on the spot (I didn't), but instead made arrangements to meet them in the weekend to see what they had. That was quite possibly the longest few days of my life. And in that time, my mind was free to wander...  What condition would they be in. Would they really give them to me for free? If not, how much would they want for them (I have NO money for buying medium format film cameras and Nikon F4's). Would it be a wasted trip? Would it be awkward?

Merry Christmas to me!!!!
To cut a long story short - they were a lovely couple, he was indeed just giving them to me (along with a whole bunch of film) - and they are in very good condition! I left their home feeling like the luckiest guy on earth, and still find it hard to wipe the smile from my face.

I ended up with a Bronica ETRS with 75mm f2.8, Bronica x2 teleconverter, 2x 120 film backs, Speed grip, AE-II Prism finder and Waist Level finder and Weston light meter - as well as a Nikon F4s with 24mm f2.8 and 70-210mm f4/5.6 Nikkor lenses, standard grip plus MB-21, x2 Nikon AF converter, and heaps of filters and film!

I've spent the last few days cleaning them up a bit (just dust) until they sparkle and shine. Now I can't wait to get out and shoot with them - especially the Bronica ETRS medium format 6x4.5 camera. I have very fond memories of my Bronica S2, and have regretted selling it. But in the end, me and the 6x6 square format just didn't gel. I think that the 6x4.5 format of the ETRS is going to be much more to my liking. I will definitely write about using the ETRS soon! Can't wait....


  1. Oh wow Wayne, that is a brilliant stroke of luck... The ETRS is gorgeous, i have an S2a at home i love using still! hmm the F4 i was looking at a couple of those on ebay and dreaming...

  2. Hi Hayden. Yes - still can't quite believe it really. Lucky to have both of them, but I may need to start working on the biceps! They are both beasts and weigh considerably more than my EM5 MkII :-)


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