Friday, May 13, 2016

The G.A.S. continues....

Oh dear... I've done it again. Just when I'd decided that two more cameras was enough, a Nikon F90 caught my eye. It was a $1 reserve, was closing soon, and was only up to $12.50NZ. I waited until the last minute, and then put an auto bid of $20.00 on it. It came back straight away to tell me that another auto bid had raised the price to $21 and I was out-bid. I didn't really want to get into a bidding war, so just hit the button to add $1, to take it up to $22NZ. To my surprise I was now the top bid. Surely someone else would chime in and go higher though? Surely?

Nope. I won it for $22.00NZ. A Nikon F90 (body only). For $22.00. Not surprisingly, I'm pretty happy about that.

The Nikon F90 (N90 in the USA). Nice....
I've owned an F90X previously, and really liked using it. It's one of the film cameras I regret selling. But now I have the earlier, straight F90 variant (without the 'X') and I'm planning to keep this one a little longer than I did the F90X.

The F90 is a classic Nikon film camera that offers the best of both worlds - fairly sophisticated technology from the 90s, with a rugged body and great handling. In Aperture priority (which is what I shoot in 99% of the time) I really love the way the aperture is still controlled by the aperture ring on the lens and not a push button or lever. It's an auto-focus whiz bang computerised camera, with some traditional full manual touches thrown in. I'm looking forward to it arriving so I can get to know it again. I have a Nikkor 75-240mm (or something like that) in my camera cupboard somewhere, and I'll use this on the F90 until I can get a fast prime for it. Probably the 50mm f1.8D initially.

Quick Yaschica 230AF update. It arrived, it's in great cosmetic condition, and it works! Yeah! I cleaned it up a little, checked the lens (very clean and clear), viewfinder (amazingly dust free), and film transport unit (all seals are still 100%), and popped in a fresh battery. It sprung to life immediately. In fact it's so pristine, I'd say it's practically never been used. Amazing. For $10NZ!

The Minolta X300s hasn't arrived yet (should be soon), followed by the Nikon F90. Add my Ricoh KR5 Super and that gives me four film cameras. Maybe that's a couple too many? Although they are all quite different.

I think I'll use them all and see how I feel about them after that. They really cost me peanuts, so I may end up keeping them all? Although I would like to get more lenses, and none of them use the same lens mount - so that's a bit of an issue. We shall see...

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