Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A new website for film lovers

I haven’t done any film photography for a looooong time. As with many things in life, you do them for a while – put them aside, and then, God willing, get back to them again. That’s how it has always been with me and film. Something tells me I’m about to go through another film period…

The stars seems to be aligning in the film universe again, with a few things film-related happening all at once over the past week or so. The first thing, which may seem a bit unrelated to film photography (but bear with me) was that I finally tidied up my little office at home.

I call it an office, but really it’s not much bigger than a cupboard. Yet it is where I have to keep all my photography related gear. It gets pretty cramped in there if I’m not careful, so from time to time I have a bit of a clean-out. This time around I got rid of a lot of my old film cameras, but, I kept a couple as well, which I fondled lovingly and decided I really needed to get out and shoot with.

Of all the film cameras I owned, I ended up keeping a Ricoh K5 Super 35mm and a Pentax 6x7 Medium Format. Both very simple, full manual, basic cameras. I still have 35mm and 120 roll film in my fridge/freezer, so with stock in hand I’m good to go.

The second thing that happened was that Derrick Story began talking about shooting film again on his podcast – The Digital Story. He, along with a few other photographers I follow and admire (Doug Kaye from TWIP’s ‘All about the Gear’ and Chris Marquardt from ‘Tips from the Top Floor’ being two others), have recently begun shooting with film again. Not to the exclusion of digital of course. But as a creative aside.

Derrick took his film project on to see if the often used comment “shooting film makes you a better digital photographer’ was actually a valid statement. I won’t give the game (or Derrick’s conclusion) away, except to say that he has now begun to include film shooting in some of his workshops, and has created another website – theAnalogstory.com – as a sister site to theDigitalstory.com

The new website, dedicated to film, looks like it will become a fantastic resource for film shooters and it’s already off to a great start. Check it out if you are looking for some film inspiration.
Which leads me quite nicely to my third dollop of film inspiration (why do these things always come in threes?) – a brief article by yours truly about my own journey back into film, on Derrick’s new website! Check out the article by clicking here!  

So now I’ve gone and got all inspired for film again – darn it. My focus (no pun intended) over the last year has been with really nailing a digital system that I am 100% happy with. I’ve finally achieved that with the Olympus OMD Em5 MkII. What an amazing camera! Check out my other blog nzdigital.blogspot.com for my thoughts on the micro four thirds mirrorless system, and that camera in particular.

I’ve never believed it had to be one or the other; film or digital. I’m more of a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ kinda guy. First and foremost I like to think that I’m a photographer. If an artist can paint, draw, use oils and acrylics, pastels, sculpt and make lithographs whenever the mood takes them, why can’t we shoot film and digital together? The answer, of course, is that we can. Why, then, do so many photographers not see it that way?