Sunday, May 4, 2014

OMG! A new post.

Well it's been two years without a post on my 'Film is Back!' blog. And yes, that means that I haven't used a film camera in about two years.

The reasons are many and varied - but there are a couple of main ones.

First, I took a year off from all photography, quitting my Wedding Photography business, and selling all my digital gear. After over 25 years of photography as my main hobby/passion, I'd had enough and needed a break. I sold a lot of my film gear as well - my Olympus OM kits, Canon T90 kit, Bronica S2 kit, Nikon N80, as well as a few others.

Second, my Graphic Design business struggled, and I eventually decided I needed to also call it quits and look for employment on staff somewhere. Fortunately I found a great job as a senior graphic designer for a commercial printing firm locally - but I was left with lots of bills and a hefty amount of tax outstanding. I had to do some serious soul searching, and some even more serious owning up to my wife about my dire financial situation.

Fortunately I'm blessed with a very forgiving (and loving) wife, who has supported me, and helped me through my financial mess - to the point where we are now working on a budget together (we should have been from the start), and on top of our finances. But it does mean that I don't really have any 'spare' money to support my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

And to top it all off, two years ago, my mother died of cancer. At the tender age of (then) 44, I had lost both of my parents (my dad died when I was only 16). So yeah, it's been a tough couple of years.

But - about 6 months ago, I was approached by a friend of the family who asked if I would shoot their sons wedding in early 2015.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't even consider shooting it on film. But since I'd sold all of my digital gear, I needed to buy some more. To cut a long story short (this is a blog about film, not digital after all), I purchased a Pentax digital kit and am loving it.

However, the offshoot of getting a new digital kit is that it has rekindled my passion for photography. And a few quick downloads of the 'Film Photography project' podcast on my iPod has rekindled my passion for film.

And so, we (finally) come to the point of this new post, after two years, on my 'Film is Back!' blog. I've pulled out the film cameras that I didn't get rid off from the cupboard in my office and am surprised at what I've kept. I own two Yashica Mat 124 TLR's, but only shot with one of them once. The crank film winder wasn't working properly on the one I used originally, so the whole film was wasted. Hence my reason to buy a second one, but I've never actually shot with it.

The crank winder on the second camera seems to work fine, but having had a bad experience with the first Yashica, I'm a bit nervous about trying again with the second camera. Which is one of the reasons why I've never actually used it - until now.

Yesterday, I took out a roll of Kodak Pro 100 ISO 120 roll film and after a couple of fumbled attempts, loaded it into my (second) Yashica Mat 124.

I will blog about me experiences using this beautiful camera and I'm pretty sure that this will kick-start my new adventures back into film photography. No, my "12 cameras in one year" project didn't get off the ground in 2012. And I'm not making any promises for 2014. But I'm definitely thinking about revitalising it in 2015. I probably don't have 12 cameras now to use for the project - but 2015 is another 7 months away, so there is heaps of time to fix that :-)

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