Monday, August 29, 2011

T90 images & Fuji Sensia 100

I got a chance to shoot with the T90 a couple of weekends ago, but since I put a roll of slide film through (Fuji Sensia 100), I've only just got the results back. Probably mentioned this before - but since I live in a small rural town, 'exotic' film such as slide needs to get sent away to be processed. Turn-around time is usually a week to ten days.

9 Mile Beach Lifestyle Batches. Canon T90 with 24mm
I was also keen to see how the Canon FD 24mm f2.8 performed - especially as a landscape lens, since this was really what I got it for. The above image shows the kind of results I achieved with the T90 and 24mm combo. And yes, I'm very happy with it. Lots of detail - good contrast - and pretty sharp. The above image was shot at f11, focusing about a third of the way into the frame, and it's very sharp from front to back. Nice.

Nikau Palm and Moon. Canon T90 with 70-210mm (at 210mm f5.6)
But I didn't just have my newly acquired 24mm with me - oh no! I also took along my newly 'cleaned' Canon FD 70-210mm f4 (see recent post) to see how it would perform - especially at the long end. The Nikau (pronounced Knee - Cow) Palm and Moon image was shot at the longest end of the zoom, at around f5.6 (the palm is sharp, but the moon isn't). I was shooting hand-held, so needed to stay somewhat 'open' on the aperture to get a fast enough shutter speed - especially with ISO 100 film. Of course I took a lot more than just this one image, but overall the results were the same - very good. It seems that the fungus clean was a success and I now have a fully functional telephoto zoom that I can take with me.

Roadside Flowers. Canon T90 with 70-210mm (at 70mm f4)
 Towards the end of the roll of Fuji Sensia 100 I had a 'play', really just to finish off the last two shots on the film. There were some roadside flowers by the car and so I opened the aperture to f4, pulled out the zoom to 70mm (it's a push-pull style zoom that extends out to 70mm), and snapped off a couple of quick shots - not really expecting much. Yet for all that, when I looked at the results on screen after scanning the slide film, I liked it! The flowers are very sharp, and there's a nice softening (bokeh) and natural vignetting around the edges that works for an image like this. Not bad for a throw-away shot?! I would say that with this lens I did notice a pronounced vignette with images shot at the 70mm end, but of course this goes away the further out you zoom.

Kids at Coal Park. Canon T90 and 24mm
Getting back to the 24mm... it isn't going to be my standard portrait lens - but for environmental portraiture it just might get some use. Used here to photograph my kids at a local park, you can again see the detail and sharpness that this lens exhibits. I'm also very pleased with the Fuji Sensia 100 slide film. It's got great colours (especially towards the blues and greens), and scans on my Epson V700 beautifully. I had to do hardly any colour correcting later on with any of the files, while the fine grain helps to retain lots of detail for enlargements.

So overall I'm very happy with my T90 experience. It really was like going out with an old friend again and reliving some memories. There are a few things that I find quirky after shooting with EOS cameras for so long now (why is the EV comp button on the bottom of the camera!?), but nevertheless, it was still a very enjoyable experience. And one I hope to be repeating very soon.