Friday, July 29, 2011

Canon T90

I finally own one again! The mighty Canon T90 - the pinnacle of Canon's FD mount film cameras. The camera that Japanese photojournalists nicknamed "The Tank".

I've been watching, and waiting, and finally a mint-condition T90 came up for auction at a very reasonable price. Described as practically mint, with all functions, modes and dials working perfectly - in original box - with mint Canon 50mm f1.8 and dedicated Canon 300TL Speedlite - all for $190NZ. Bargain!

I recently posted some shots taken with my Canon T70 and outlined my history with that camera. It was the first camera I ever owned, and as such, will always have a special place in my life. But my original camera wasn't without its problems.

The electronics in the first T70 I owned were dodgy, and stopped working after about a year. Repeated trips back to Canon for repair unfortunately never fixed the problem, which would always return. As a young photographer trying to learn his craft, the delays with a camera always away being fixed were incredibly frustrating, until one day it all got too much and I blew up in the camera store and demanded something more be done about it (not in my nature, but I really was at the end of my tether). The store owner (who had always been very sympathetic) got on the phone to Canon NZ while I was there with him, so that I could relate my frustrations to someone 'in authority' so that something could be done about it.

To our amazement, and great surprise, a representative from Canon Japan just happened to be in the country, visiting Canon NZ, and the call was given to him. Of course he was very apologetic, horrified to hear that I was an unsatisfied customer who had been dealing with this for too long, and gave his word that 'something would be done about this' when he got back to Japan.

About a month later, while I was at work, I got a call from my local camera store to tell me that a package had turned up for me from Canon Japan.
"Great" I thought, finally a new T70. But to my amazement, when I opened the box, there was a brand new T90! I was gobsmacked! They had only just been released by Canon, and were worth more than I could ever have imagined paying for a camera - and I owned one!

Not surprisingly, I fell in love with the T90 - although it helped that it truly was an amazing camera.

So when I think back on film days, the one camera that stand out above all others - the camera that I will still mention if anyone asks me "what's the best camera you've ever owned?" - is hands down the Canon T90.

And now I own one again!  Am I excited? You bet. I can't wait to get one in my hands again. I expect a flood of memories to come pouring back.

With its arrival, my Canon T-series collection will be complete. And what better way to round out the set, than with the T90 - the jewel in Canon's FD crown. Awesome!

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  1. I am scouring the web for one of these at a good price at the minute - I keep getting beaten on eBay :)


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