Friday, July 8, 2011

Braun Norca Folding Camera

My journey back through camera history goes even deeper with the addition today of a folding camera.

Braun Norca 1 folding camera
The Braun Norca 1 was made by the German company Carl Braun Camera-Werke in the early 1950s - with the Norca Super their most popular model. To be honest, I couldn't find much information about the Norca 1 - sites mostly discuss the Super.

From the auction description and photo (right) I do know that the camera is in near-mint condition, the shutter fires, lens and viewfinder are clean and clear, and all the buttons are in tact. Just from the photo I can tell that the camera is in very good condition, and as long as the bellows doesn't leak light I should have a bargain!?

The lens is a Braun Praxar 105mm, and from what I can glean from websites, it's a 120 roll film camera that shoots in the 6x9 format? If it does, it will be the biggest format camera I own, and the 105mm lens would roughly equate to a 'normal' 45 to 50mm lens (which sounds about right).

To be honest, I've shied away from bellows type fold-out cameras in the past because they scare me! They look so complicated, unwieldy and difficult to shoot with. So why have I got one now?

Well first; the condition was so good, and the price so cheap, that I couldn't pass it up. Second; I used to think the same way about TLR cameras - they just looked too complicated to bother with - but I am in love with my Yashica Mat 124 (even with the problems I've been experiencing with it), so I suppose I'm getting bolder with my camera choices. Third; it's just such a cool looking camera - isn't it!? Even if I hate using it, it will still look fantastic displayed on a shelf in my house as a piece of history/art. And finally; it'll just be fun finding out about the camera and how it operates, what kinds of images it takes etc. In the end, for me, that's what this camera collecting thing is all about. Heaps of fun.


  1. Thanks for the info, Wayne! I recently found one of these cameras at a car boot sale at the bargain price of $3 AU! It is missing a button and has other small areas of wear but I still thought it was worth it! How much would your pristine model be worth, do you think? Thanks again, Jo

  2. Hi,
    I have a Braun Norca Super and it's a fine camera. Here are some pics.

  3. May I know is there website allow to download e-user manual?


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