Monday, June 20, 2011

Winning Image on Film

Previously I wrote about entering a 6x6 image taken on my Bronica S2 into a local photography exhibition. The Electronet/Trustpower awards are held every year here on the West Coast, and are broken down into sections. I entered the 'Professional' section, and my kids entered the 'Junior' section.

Ford Combi Van's Last Trip - Runner Up, Professional Award
 To cut a long story short, I came 2nd (and third with a digital HDR image) in the Professional section, and was pretty happy with the result - given that it was the only image competing that was shot on film! Yeah for me, and Yeah for film.

But perhaps the more exciting news from the night was having the exhibition manager from the gallery approach me afterwards and ask me if I would like to have an exhibition in the gallery next year!

I am very excited about the prospect and pitched an idea to her straight away. I'm going to call it 6x6, it's going to be all medium format square images, and of course, therefore, all shot on film. How cool is that!?

With the addition of my Yashica Mat 124, as well as the Bronica S2, I'm well covered now for shooting 6x6 - and now I've even got a reason to get off my but, get out there, and take lots of photos on film. I've also been playing with ideas around intentional bur in images - both in landscape and portrait - so half the images may be super sharp - while the other half may by purposefully blurred? Just a thought at the moment...

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