Monday, May 23, 2011

A couple of OM10's

Previously I have posted about how happy I am with my Olympus OM2 kit. So happy, in fact, that I think it will probably become my main film camera.

But, I have also pointed out the one flaw that my OM2 has - that eventually all OM1 and OM2's get - foam gunk on the viewfinder prism! Apparently OM1 and OM2's were made with foam placed around the prism to block light (an extra, unnecessary precaution apparently), which, over time, breaks down and starts eating at the silver coating of the prism. Mine is just starting to appear in the viewfinder and although it doesn't stop you from taking the image, it is slightly annoying - and will only get worse!

The fix is to get in and get the old foam out as soon as possible - although once it has started attacking the prism then the damage is done. If the prism is ruined, replace it with an OM10's prism (which apparently doesn't have the foam anymore).

So I've bought an OM10, for the purpose of using its pristine prism in my OM2 - but now that it's arrived, and is in such good condition, I don't want to butcher it for parts - even for my beloved OM2!

I won it on Trademe (where else) last week, and it arrived the next day! As you can see from the image at left, it's in great condition and everything functions as it should. The only thing missing is the manual control attachment that allows full manual control of the camera (otherwise shutter speeds are all electronically controlled).

As with the OM2, the OM10 is a beautifully crafted camera that inspires confidence when you use it. It makes a prefect back-up camera to the OM2 - another reason why I'm reluctant to have its prism removed. So I'm not going to. This camera is going to become part of my Olympus kit. Which leaves me with the same problem as before - a gunky prism in the OM2. Solution...?

I've bought another one - OM10 that is. This one has the Manual Adapter, but is a little worse for wear otherwise. So I'm going to butcher it for parts and I'll then have a fully functioning OM10 and OM2 with all the parts in tact.

I'm not doing the butchering though. Much too involved for me. I'm going to send the cameras off to a service technician and will get them to do it for me. Yes it will cost, but at least I know the job will be done properly.

My other addition to the Olympus kit is the Winder 2 that will fit both the OM2 and OM10. It takes 4 double A batteries, and automates the film winding process (up to 2.5 frames per second). I want it to add extra 'grip' to the cameras, so that my hand has more to hold on to and will be more comfortable to use. It will add some weight and bulk, but not much compared to other grips, and should make for a better handling experience.

All-in-all the Olympus kit is coming together nicely.  Now all I need is a Zuiko 24 or 28mm lens and I'll be a happy camper!

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