Monday, January 10, 2011

Pentax ME Super joins the collection!

The title says it all really.

I've been thinking about getting a manual 35mm camera system for a while now, and was looking very seriously at the Olympus OM series since I was enjoying their Pens so much.

But I thought I'd spread the 'love' around, and started looking at the Pentax cameras that came out about the same time. The K1000 is a legendary manual camera, while the Takumar lenses have a stellar reputation. Also in the 'K' mount line were the MX and ME range - with the ME Super adding an extra level of manual control over the standard ME. There were quite a few available on Trademe, so that's the one I went for.

I've decided to kit it out only with primes, since it comes with a 'standard' 50mm f1.7 Pentax lens. I've also purchased a Cosina 28mm f2.8 'K' mount lens, and have my eye on a Tamron 135mm f2.5 on Trademe at the moment. I've looked up both lenses on the internet, and both are given fairly good reviews on a Pentax forum I found. 

The Pentax Takumar equivalents go for considerably more, so I'll hold off and see what sort of results I get with the third party lenses before spending the money on the Pentax lenses (unless I stumble across them cheap somewhere). 

Also watching an auction for a couple of Pentax flashes, although the ME Super I've won also comes with a little Mecablitz speedlite, so that may do the job?

And if I really get keen, a camera store in Christchurch has some fairly cheap Power Winders for the ME Super as well.

Must... stop... buying... old... camera... gear...

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