Monday, January 17, 2011

Olympus OM2 Kit to end the crazyness?

Aaarrgghhh!!! I've got to stop doing this. I'm addicted to these old 35mm camera systems and now another is on the way! Although to be fair, this one looks a real beauty  :-)

I wrote a couple of posts ago about my unfortunate Pentax ME Super problems, that looked to be foiling my attempts at getting a manual focus 35mm kit together. I want to use a lightweight, manual system, with all primes, to take me back to my 'roots' in photography. The Pentax seemed an ideal solution, being small and relatively inexpensive (but of very high quality), although since I'm starting from scratch, I'm not tied into any system. I looked at the Olympus OM10, the Minolta X300s and Canon AE-1, before going for the Pentax.

Well, as I've already noted, the Pentax didn't work out and I've sent it back today. The lady I purchased it from was very apologetic, refunded straight away, and the return trade was hassle free - so no problems there. But it left me without a system. So, again, as previously posted, I opted for a Minolta X300s since I already had a 28mm Cosina lens for it - and have purchased a well used body, power winder (which I've found out subsequently might not work!), and 135mm lens to get me started.

But, at the time of going for the Pentax, my next favorite option was the Olympus OM system. I'm really loving the Olympus Trip and Pen cameras - they are beautifully made and a joy to use. I've also heard the same said of the OM series, and have been very keen to try them for myself. And what do you know, a complete Olympus OM2 package turned up on Trademe very recently, and I've been watching it closely ever since.

The set consists of Olympus OM2 body in excellent condition, together with a 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8 and 135mm f3.5 - all Olympus Zuiko lenses, and again all in excellent condition. Talk about karma! If you believe in that sort of thing :-)

Of course I had to bid - not expecting to get anywhere near it  - but in the end I won it! For an absolute song! Cheaper, in fact, than a single 135mm Zuiko lens is going for at the moment. Unbelievable!

I'm very excited - more excited than getting the Minolta X300s I must say - and I can see me flicking the Minolta kit off in favor of this Olympus package. I will, however, wait for both to arrive, then use and review both, before I make my decision.

Given how cheaply you can buy these kits nowadays, I probably could look at keeping both. But I also know that I won't need both, and don't really want one sitting around not being used. Besides, it could end up paying for another prime lens for whatever kit I end up keeping.

Oh happy days...

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