Thursday, January 27, 2011

Olympus OM2 and 35mm field test

I got to take my Olympus OM2 and the 35mm on a couple of family outings last weekend, to try out the combo and see how it felt.

First outing was to Wood's Creek, an old mining site with lots of tunnels, raceways and old diggings. I hadn't been there before, so it was fascinating walking around and seeing what mining was like 100 years ago.

Even carrying around the Olympus OM2 with three primes (the 50 and 135 as well as the 35) and trudging through the forest, the weight was never an issue. In fact the whole kit is probably lighter than carrying around just my D300 with standard kit lens. And set to auto aperture, it's just as easy to use.

There is still some open-cast mining being done near the Wood's Creel site, and while driving out I spied this rusty old piece of machinery standing against a blue sky, and had to stop for the shot. The Olympus meter in the OM2, together with the Fuji 400 colour film, has handled the bright scene very well - although I do remember giving it about +1 stop extra exposure because I thought the meter might be fooled by the very bright scene. Yes, I am learning with this film stuff (see my previous post of my disappointing Nikon F90x results with slide film).

The next day we went for a walk to Coal Creek Waterfall, a half-hour walk not far from our home. It's a beautiful walk, and a spectacular waterfall. Again, using the Olympus was a breeze, and I didn't take the 35mm off the body once. I would have liked to go to 28mm for a few shots - the above shot of the Falls doesn't quite fit everything in - but I'm still happy with the 25mm view for 90% of the images I took.

The Oly OM2 was lovely to use, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  A definite keeper, which I will add to  with a wide angle if/when I can find a cheap Zuiko on Trademe.

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