Monday, January 3, 2011

Nikon F90X on its way!

Consider it a late Christmas present to myself - I've just pulled the trigger on a Nikon F90x body in mint condition.

The photo at left is of the actual camera as taken from the auction website. All the covers are surprisingly attached (they're normally the first things to go) and the previous owner assures me the back rubber is in tact (this also notoriously rubs off on F90's.)

I wanted a solid film camera that I could use all my Nikkor lenses with, and the F90x seemed to fit the bill. In many respects it's better spec'd than the 'professional' F4, and has a similar look and feel once the optional MB10 vertical grip is attached. My F90x doesn't come with the grip, but I know where I can get one second-hand at a camera store, so I can easily add one if I feel the need.

I'm hoping to use the F90x for a lot of Black and White shooting, if I can come up with an appropriate assignment to use it on. I've been inspired by reading Black + White Photography magazine (see last post) to actually get serious about following a theme or shooting a self-imposed assignment that I can create a body of work from.

I'm getting to the stage where I want my images to actually have 'meaning' beyond the mundane or simply aesthetically 'pretty'. I want something I can sink my creative teeth into - something that will challenge me as a photographer and artist, and something I can create a body of work from that I can look back on with pride - as a cohesive whole.

The Nikon F90x might just be the piece of kit to launch such an endeavor from. Now if only I could figure out what that endeavor might be...?

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