Friday, January 21, 2011

A feast of photographic goodies.

All my Christmases have come at once this week. Not only did my Minolta X300s kit arrive early in the week, but my 'new' Olympus OM2 arrived today - as well as a 135mm f3.5 for the Minolta, and some new editions of Black + White Photography magazine! The expression "Kid in a candy shop" springs to mind.  :-)

The Oly OM2 kit is amazing! And I got it for an incredible price. $150.00NZ for the body with 50mm f1.8, 35mm f2.8 and 135mm f3.5 - all in pristine condition, and all with original Olympus cases. It also came with Olympus lens cleaning tissues, the original OM2 Instruction Manual, and couple other filters, Sunpak flash, and camera case to keep it all in! Just incredible really.

The OM2 body is in beautiful condition... apart from the classic problem that eventually haunts all the OM series bodies from the 2 upwards - foam leaking onto the viewfinder prism. Mine is just starting to show, and I will definitely send it away and get it fixed/replaced so that no further damage can take place. It doesn't effect the images mind you - it just looks nasty through the viewfinder.

I checked a discussion on a forum and apparently this is a: common, b: easily fixed, and c: the prism from an OM10 can be used as a replacement if the one in the OM2 is too far gone. It might cost me as much again as I bought the whole kit for to get the body CLA'd by a camera repairer - but I think in the long run it will be well worth it. The Oly OM2 is a thing of beauty.

Having now handled one and looked through the enormous and bright viewfinder, it's not hard to tell which kit I'll be keeping and which I'll sell. The plastic fantastic Minolta X300s doesn't stand a chance! I almost feel bad for it. And while I'm not saying it's a bad camera, it just isn't in the same league at the Olympus OM2. Not even close!

The OM2 is so superbly crafted, so well thought out, so perfect in the hand, compared to the Minolta (and to be fair to most other camera's of the era as well). The lenses are small, but beautifully made - and inspire confidence. You just know it's going to be a superb image making machine.

I can't wait to use it... so I'm not going to!  :-)   I was going to use the X300s tomorrow on a walk out to Woods Creek, but I've decided to use the Olympus instead. I will use the Minolta - but not tomorrow. I just have to put a few rolls through the beautiful OM2. I have a feeling it's been too long between drinks for the old girl, so tomorrow she gets to spread her wings and fly once more. Oh, I'm getting all teary-eyed!

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